PermaChill Shelf-Life WebApp

PermaChill Shelf-Life WebApp

Welcome to the Permachill Shelf-Life WebApp Portal. After a quick registration process you will receive a password to match your chosen user name. This will grant you access to the free and easy to use prediction model for product shelf-life. On each page of the step-by-step process a brief explanation will be given concerning the functions, how they can be altered and how they affect the final result. We hope you find the modelling tool useful and invite you to let us know your thoughts at the end of the process.

Navigation & Confirmation
The icon blocks at the bottom of each page allow the user to switch between the different model sections. Press the update button on each page to process your settings. Pressing the reset button will wipe all user settings on the page and return to the defaults. After logging out, your last known settings will be stored for convenience.

Model Pro
The Pro version of the WebApp will be available soon for a set fee. With the Pro version you can start your own private data base for micro-organisms and Keeping Quality values, as well as performing Monte Carlo simulations. Additionally, it will be possible to store data and export it as PDF reports. The Pro version of the WebApp will cost €1000 per year, per company.

Disclaimer notice
Before using this tool and the content on this website please refer to our disclaimer here.


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